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Hybrid (Blended) Learning

How does the Hybrid (Blended) Learning work at Alex Business School?

Alex Business School strategically and conveniently employ Hybrid (Blended) Learning, where web-based learning using hybrid-teaching technology coupled with live workshops (classes) replaces the traditional regular classroom-based learning. The significant difference between Hybrid (Blended) Learning and online learning at Alex Business School is the Block Delivery of Hybrid (Blended) Classes. Learners enrolled at Alex Business School on Hybrid (Blended) Learning are offered a block delivery of online live classes which can be booked in advance on their convenience most of the time. In addition to the Online Live Classes, students will also receive all the standard benefits offered to Online Learning students. The live classes are provided online using Apps like GoToMeeting, Zoom or Skype. In addition to the live classes, Hybrid (Blended) Learning students will receive comprehensive tutor support through our support desk portal like online learning students. This mode of study is treated as a Full-time study, not as Online learning. Alex Business School understands that choosing the right education institution is as important as the qualifications you gain. Thus, Alex Business School always takes a genuine interest in the needs of our students and believe that we can drive positive change for their future.

Online Learning

How does the Online Learning work at Alex Business School?

We at Alex Business School follow a unique approach which differentiates us from other institutions. Indeed, we have taken distance education to a new phase where the support level is incredibly high. Nowadays, convenience, flexibility and user-friendliness outweigh demands. Today, the transition from traditional classroom-based learning to online platforms is a significant result of these specifications. In this context, a crucial role played by online learning by leveraging the opportunities for convenience and easier access. It benefits the people who want to enhance their career, life and education in parallel streams. Alex Business School’s simplified online learning facilitates an individual to progress towards the accomplishment of higher career growth without stress and dilemmas.